Saie3. The first edition in 2013

3 May 2012

The great Italian masters of windows, doors and shutters and finishings for interiors and exteriors are for the first time the main attractions in a large event dedicated to the sector. It will take place in Bologna, at SAIE3, where for 3 days the exposition will present only highly specialised products that are 100% manufactured and finished in Italy.

“The development of industrial and technological and innovative exhibitions is central to the strategic development of BolognaFiere and this is reinforced with SAIE3”, stated the chairman of BolognaFiere Duccio Campagnoli. “The coming exhibition season will open in September with the thirtieth edition of Cersaie (world-leading exhibition for the tile sector), continuing in October with the new SAIE formula based on building renovation and the slogan “Let’s Rebuild Italy” and finishing in the spring with SAIE3, a specialist exhibition for the technological branch of the construction sector, in order to revitalise a sector and companies that have for years been attracting international attention right here at BolognaFiere” concluded the chairman Mr Campagnoli in a press conference.

“We are returning to the exhibition scene with SAIE3 after our experience with Futurshow, which culminated in its final year with an inauguration by Bill Gates”, says Claudio Sabatini, who was the creator and organiser of Futurshow for eight years. “Bologna is the ideal city for SAIE3 and it will be a great stage. It has been the centre of the building trade for 50 years and geographically it is in a strategic location which can easily be reached from any part of Italy and Europe. Furthermore, it has a network of excellent facilities and services”. A stage from which growth in the sector can also be restarted. “This growth”, continues Sabatini, “cannot be left unsupported. That is why we think it is fundamental for the 55% tax allowances to be continued; they are an essential aspect of growth in this sector which represents the key theme of the exhibition”.

“At this critical period in history you need very good reasons for proposing a new exhibition and we have them. What we are proposing”, explains Lucia Alberghini, General Manager of the new Exhibition, “is a completely new formula: 3 exhibitions in one, three days in which the best that the sector has to offer can be accessed in less time and more effectively and a formula which allows a saving to be made of up to 60% of the investment that companies currently dedicate to exhibitions. In producing SAIE3 we have taken the critical issues of other exhibitions and turned them into our strengths”.

SAIE3 is an exhibition that never ends. “Thanks to the internet portal which is active all year round”, explains the General Manager, “the exhibition will be available before, during and after the main event. Before, the portal will act as a personalised e-diary, thanks to the matching of requests/offers entered in advance by exhibitors and exhibition visitors. For the first time in a construction exhibition, there will be a real e-diary to allow people to make the most of the time spent in the city on the days of the event. During, to keep the user informed of all the exhibition events in real time. Afterwards, the portal will remain active in order to continue to offer exhibitors new business opportunities and thus provide a showcase able to create new opportunities for growth and development”.

SAIE3 will take place in three locations: on the internet; at the exhibition, where sector operators will have numerous opportunities to meet each other and do business with the objective of creating new opportunities for growth but also for updating knowledge and training; and in the city, where the Unipol Arena, the largest theatre in Italy, will be the focus of the events connected to the Exhibition. “An ambitious project”, conclude the organisers, “for a city that ought to be ambitious”.