Talking cities

28 February 2013

A city continuously “talks about itself”. It tells its story with its buildings, its streets, its monuments; it represents those who live it and it shows its transformations. But, above all, a city moves, grows, thinks and draws the future of life in the open space for its inhabitants. In the urban landscape of the Italian towns that gather 80% of the world’s artistic heritage and are international touristic destinations but also places of everyday life, planning the future becomes of great importance, combining innovation and sustainability, thinking about the requalification of the urban furniture by interpreting all possible functions.

It is with this premise in mind that SAIE3 and the international magazine PAYSAGE promote the event “CITTA’ PARLANTI” (Talking Cities) which aims to launch Bologna as the “capital of outdoors”, a model to look to for the urban future.
Three the declinations of the event: an exhibit, a convention, a city. By exceeding the standards that have impoverished furniture and its functions, the exhibit and convention “CITTÀ PARLANTI. Il futuro della scena urbana tra paesaggio, sostenibilità e accoglienza” (TALKING CITIES. The future of the urban scene between landscape, sustainability and welcoming) intend to explore future sceneries by proposing new solutions that manage to interpret renewed requirements. In these solutions the traditional furniture gives space to a possible future.
It is a future where multifunctional workstations are integrated with seating and sustainable lighting systems and structures that enhance sustainable means of transportation to charge. And more, a paving that cleans the air from pollutants and varnishes that, through the development of nanotechnologies, can remove all scratches from their surfaces, addressing an important issue in both city centers and suburbs.

The scenery is bold, putting the theme, urban passage as a chance for social requalification of the contemporary city, in the forefront; the presence of the natural world, an essential element of the environmental livability, goes alongside with an innovative proposal for an integrated urban comfort system. The system is about evolved democracy, capable of anticipating future sceneries and without utopia and it suggests today all possible solutions. 

With these ideas in wind we will discuss the new regulations that some Italian towns have launched to promote and coordinate the inclusion of DEHORS that, in the urban space, provide new opportunities and mark a need for self-identity and reorganization, which characterize the “street life” that is traditional of Italian towns. Italy, as a landmark for design and landscaping, has added to the intense schedule on the outdoors a new event that promises to be very cool.

PAYSAGE and TOPSCAPE, the international magazine for contemporary landscape design, will direct the exhibit, and will find a counterpoint in the international convention, while the town will offer the natural scenery for the exhibit proposal.